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It might not be the most important aspect, but one thing that really helps when you’re writing is to have a snazzy creative space. Here are a couple of things that I have done to beef up the creative juices around my work station:


I used this guide on Pinterest for some guides on DIY office upgrades.

Next, I used a re-purposed old barn door from my parent’s barn and hung it with some hardware I got from Real Sliding Hardware, though you can buy your own barn doors there as well. They have a really snazzy DIY door installation guide/hardware guide, which was a major help, complete with a video guide:

Lastly, I wanted to make a pallet desk that I’d seen on instructables. Wood pallets are really great and they can be used not just for decorative projects but also for making actual pieces of furniture (I even saw someone make a barn door out of pallets, maybe another time). For example, a wooden pallet is often enough for making a nice desk for your home office. Making your own desk comes with the advantage that you can choose the exact size, shape and design. I am very tall for example so this helps me out a lot. Let’s take a look at some cool ideas.

I needed a really big desk (I’m 6’4 ″) at the office, so I could write books in peace, away from all the stresses of home (kids etc). Buying a large desk is expensive, and I happened to have tons of wooden pallets from all my part time job at the grocery store. Killed two birds with one stone, and packed them up and made them into a big desk. Plus my husband owns a workshop, so DIY is the way to go!

So that’s it, just a few small projects inspired by blogs I’d seen online and I am well on my way to a beautiful creative space!