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A one of a kind novel, like nothing you’ve ever read, Inventing Memory is a stunning blend of fantasy and reality, exposing the secret links between the mythic, the mundane, and the timeless mysteries of the human heart.

Shula is a slave in fabled Sumer, until Inanna, Queen of Heaven, appears before her. Chosen by the Goddess for reasons she cannot begin to fathom, Shula is freed from bondage and set upon an uncertain path toward a new and mysterious destiny. But the attention of the gods is a dangerous thing, and Shula may have cause to regret the day she first laid eyes on the Holy Inanna.

Wendy Chrenko, former high school misfit, is now an overworked graduate student, researching her dissertation “Remnants of Matriarchy in the Ancient Sumerian Inanna Cycle.” Still smarting from the painful wounds of a failed love affair, Wendy is bound and determined to prove that men and women once lived together in perfect equality, even if it means volunteering for a bizarre and dangerous scientific experiment.

Separated by millenia, Shula and Wendy appear to be two very different women, leading completely separate lives.

Or maybe not.

A strongly imagined ancient world and intriguing inter-action between the present day characters and clearly imagined people, both ‘real’ and mythological, of a magical and exotic past.

The young protagonists and their difficult journey to reconciliation and clear purpose are presented with a loving attention to detail and an attractively fresh voice that I found both charming and compelling; the whole conception is original and strong. Good work!
–Suzy McKee Charnas

A perfectly engaging, if refreshingly gritty, tale of magical realism.
–Susan Matthews

Anne Harris brings an ancient world to life in INVENTING MEMORY. She captures the fluidity and mystery of myth and identity. Most importantly, she asks questions that can’t be easily answered. Highly recommended.
–Kate Elliott