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This page is about the book Inventing Memory.

On this page, we will discuss  some tips on how to write your own book.

If you didn’t already know, I wrote a book earlier this year. If you ‘d like to learn how to make your first book  all by yourself or you ‘d just like to be a productive member of society and support me for all the great free stuff I’ve given you, you can purchase the book on amazon here.

If you’re thinking about writing a book, or you’re just curious on how it works, I’ve got 4 tips to help you write your own book:

1. Write About Something You Know About Or Do Your Research

It’s much easier to write about something you are familiar with. In the case of writing a non-fiction book this is a big deal. However, if you’re writing fiction, you have much more leeway with your creativeness and you are more free to use your imagination.

2. Plan What You Are Going To Cover In Your Book In Advance
This is generally called ‘outlining’. It makes the writing process much more straightforward as you don’t have to come up with ideas on what comes next. Instead, you just allow the information to flow through you.

3. Research Different Book Formats And How To Export Your Book Into These Formats
There are a variety of different formats you can release your book in (e.g mobi, epub, physical). I write my books in a program called Scrivener. Scrivener provides an array of export templates to use, but you’ll still have to learn how to edit these templates to create the type of thing you’re looking for.

4. Read Books That Are Similar To Yours

If you’re writing a non-fiction book, read some non-fiction books. If you’re planning to write a novel, read some novels (focus on novels in your genre, but don’t limit yourself). This may seem like simple advice, and it is, but neglecting to read books and familiarize yourself with what is acceptable and unacceptable will likely result in you writing something that doesn’t quite work. So make it easier for yourself– look at what works and use that as a template.